Enjoy the Right of Public Access to Nature

In the Woods of Halland you will find a large biodiverse area with lakes surrounded by forest. Come here for a day or a week to regenerate your energy. Hike in any of the untouched nature reserves and choose from great culinary options. Woods of Halland offers everything from accommodations with spectacular views to unique cultural experiences like events and forest festivals. The people are friendly and there is a lot of spaces to park your camper or put up your tent if you want to experience the Scandinavian tradition of “The right to public access”.

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Come and share our beautiful nature!

Nature Reserves - Our local sancturies

A nature reserve is an area established to protect and preserve valuable nature and rare species to promote biodiversity. It also serves as a means to secure people's access to attractive natural areas for recreation, outdoor activities, bird watching, and other nature experiences. You can describe it as our local sanctuaries.

Hiking - What beats a great walk?

A day trip is an easy way to get out into nature without having to think too much about equipment and packing bags. Challenge yourself to an invigorating hike or a leisurely walk at your own pace. In addition to marked hiking trails, there are plenty of country lanes and natural areas that are ideal for a relaxing walk.

Biking - Cruise, race or be adventurous

There's something grand in the small. Luxury in the utterly simple. In lighting a fire and hearing it crackle, or feeling soft moss under your feet. Read more.

Highlights you want to experience!

Welcome to a magical forest and cultural experience at the Into The Woods Festival. The 18th-21st of July you have the chance to come and participate in this off-grid gathering. There is everything from music, food and drinks to workshops and activities. Take a dip in the lake and try the floating sauna if you want to fresh up before going up on the dance floor. Read more!

The content that is coming here is beeing to be so good, you can not imagine it. Or can you?

Gården Byn (Village Farm)

We imaging the shop together with the garden as the Heart of the Village. Our ambition is to offer products that are produced with love. Either they are grown in our own garden or in a neighbouring farm. It has been refined with sense and respect. Everything is carefully selected. Read more!

Knystaforsen - Cooking on Fire

Walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and use the fire as your stove. At this workshop we will explore the many possibilities – and pitfalls – of fire cooking. Read more! Öppnas i nytt fönster.

Woods of Halland

It's so good. You can not imaging how good it is! ;)

Tiraholm - A real taste of rural Sweden

On the shore of lake Bolmen, you can enjoy the homemade delicacies of our own freshly caught fish. Experience a relaxing stay in the Bolmen inspired boutique hotel.

Situated within the friendly environment of a family run farm. Offering stunning views and an opportunity to explore the surrounding forest and lake. Read more!

Bäckhästen - Try thoose amazing cakes

All our bread are made in our stone oven heated by fire wood. For the best taste experience all our bread is made from sourdoug and ecological ingredients. The majority of our flour comes from Berteqvarn in Slöinge, and a smaller part we grow by ourselves. At the farm there is also animals and we grow vegtables for the café and our household. We hold the Swedish ecological certification KRAV for our products.

During the summer you can visit our café and have a FIKA in the glasshouse, the garden or in our Food Forest. In the Food Forest we have around 40 different sorts of fruits and berries with over 100 different variations. You can find more information on our webpage.

Fire camps

What is a camp without a campfire? We have some great spots to recommend where the site already is prepared for you. Read more.

Find your way here

It's easy to travel to the Woods of Halland. From Copenhagen and Gothenburg you can take the train to Halmstad and from there bus. Read more.

Kroksjöns Forest Retreat

There's something grand in the small. Luxury in the utterly simple. In lighting a fire and hearing it crackle, or feeling soft moss under your feet. Read more.