Welcome to bike-friendly Hylteleden

182 km long



You can enjoy peace and quiet all along the Hylteleden trail, which stretches for 182 kilometres. It is mostly made up of small lanes that wind their way through bustling areas with cows grazing in the pastures, immaculate red cottages and exciting things to see. You cycle through a varied landscape - everything from open coastal landscapes to deep forests. You may even see some wild animals. Seeing cranes, fallow deer or moose is not unusual. Along the way you’ll pass through several villages and towns with places to eat, stay and other services.

You can of course choose to start and finish your bike trip along Hylteleden wherever
you want, but if you start in Halmstad, you’ll cycle along Hylteleden via Norre Katts park, Örjans Vall football stadium and Slottsmöllan activity centre, heading for Åled. You then continue your journey through the beautiful Nissan valley, coming eventually to the Småland countryside, although still in Halland county. You will pass small communities and villages, forests rich in wildlife and open grasslands, and discover beautiful lake systems on your bike trip through the Hylte region.

There are several places along the Hylteleden offering a variety of services. There are restaurants to enjoy, tranquil lakes to discover and local shops to visit. Accommodation with that little bit extra will make your cycling experience even
more special. Want help planning your trip? No problem, book a package and
everything will be arranged for you. The last stretch before you return back to
Halmstad goes through the scenic valley of Simlångsdalen, a place full of legends. Here you’ll find places to eat, stay the night and lots of beautiful spots to visit.

Learn more, book and plan your trip at www.hylteleden.se